Dual Citizenship in the Transnational German-Turkish Space: Notes from Germany


Beitrag von Barbara Pusch, Mercator-IPC Fellow.
„Parallel to the consolidation of the transnational German-Turkish space, dual citizenship has become an important point of conversation as the status of dual citizenship provides transnational actors with the legal framework to operate as full members within both Germany and Turkey. While Turkey has granted its citizens the right to acquire multiple citizenship statuses as early as 1981, Germany has yet to grant this legal right to its citizens. This policy brief will look at the main citizenship reforms in Germany since 1999 and their implementation. By doing so, this policy brief will conclude that, on the one hand, Germany’s Nationality Act of 1999 and all subsequent reforms are essential for stepping towards a contemporary citizenship regime that would meet the needs of a globalizing Germany. However, on the other hand, this policy brief argues that the various reforms and amendments introduced since 1999 are problematic in political terms since they have created new inequalities among migrants and have led to the perpetuation and increase of so-called “exceptional cases.” This policy brief aims to draw attention to the asymmetric, de facto naturalization policy in Germany. In order to overcome the pitfalls of this development, the importance of dual citizenship status from the German perspective will be emphasized.“

Den gesamten Beitrag finden Sie hier: Dual Citizenship (pdf)

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