Syrian Migrants in the Agricultural Sector: Insights from Mersin, Turkey

Vortrag von Dr. Bediz Yilmaz Bayraktar (Osnabrück, Philipp-Schwartz Fellow) im Rahmen der TEZ-Vortragsreihe „Gäste, Glaubensbrüder, Störenfriede? Konflikt und Migration zwischen der Türkei und Syrien“

Termin: 10.01.2018, 18 Uhr c.t.
Ort: Rm 221, Asien-Afrika-Institut (Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, Flügel Ost)

This presentation will provide insights from two years of activism along with the Syrian agricultural workers in the peri-urban area of the city of Mersin, on the Mediterranean coast, close to the Syrian border (host to 300.000 migrants from all classes).

Our efforts in this area included providing subsistence material to the migrant-workers living in tent settlements as well as organising community schools for their children, keeping record of each family.

Based on my position as an observing participant in these activities, I will try to sketch the conditions of refugee workers in the agricultural sector in this region of Turkey and open the following questions to discussion: What is the share of foreign labour in the agricultural sector in Turkey? What is the connection between forced migration and
forced labour and what is the role of agricultural work in the survival of irregular migrants?Can the existence of migrant labourers in this sector be qualified as “semi-slavery”, what are the elements of such definition? What is the logic behind the “ignorance” of Turkish authorities to the agricultural migrant labourers? Is there a common pattern throughout Europe concerning the extensive exploitation of migrant workforce in the agriculture?

Referentin: Bediz Yılmaz Bayraktar graduated from the Department of Political and Administrative Sciences, Marmara University and received her PhD degree from the French Institute of Urban Studies (University of Paris VIII) with a dissertation on the multidimensional exclusion of forced migrants in a slum neighbourhood of Istanbul. Her research interests include forced migration, urban/rural poverty, spatial segregation, social exclusion, gender and social policies. After working for ten years as Assistant Professor in the University of Mersin (Turkey), she is currently Philipp Schwartz Fellow at Institute of Migration research and Intercultural Studies (IMIS) in University of Osnabrück, Germany.

Publikationen (Auswahl): “Libéralisation de l’Etat social en Turquie: Une réflexion sur les aides sociales conditionnelles”, in Adadağ, Özgür (Ed.), Etat dans Tous ses Etats, Paris: L’Harmattan 2016.

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