Time for Film Revolution. Turkish Cinema and Film Critic in the late 1960s

Vortrag von Ass. Prof. Dr. Lea Nocera (Neapel) 

im Rahmen der TEZ-Vortragsreihe „1968 und die wilden 1960er Jahre. Geschichte, Einfluss und Wirkung einer globalen Bewegung in der Türkei“

Termin: 04.07.2018, 18 Uhr c.t.
Ort: Rm 221, Asien-Afrika-Institut (Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, Flügel Ost)

The 1960s in Turkey, started with a military coup and the introduction of a new constitution, are marked by a profound climate of change which is reflected in the cultural production of those years. Music, art and other cultural fields were strongly influenced by innovative trends, partially coming from Europe and US and partially produced as effect of a new experimental impetus. Political discourse permeated culture and everyday life. Utopia seemed feasible while the dream of a possible revolution required daily practice also in Turkey. Thus every space of culture also became a space for the implementation of a militant, committed practice against capitalism and conformity. The desire for change and transformation affected also the cinema. In 1965 the writer and then screenwriter Onat Kutlar founded Sinematek an association of cinema enthusiasts whose aim was the organization of projections and debates on international films and on the possible developments of Turkish cinema beyond the Yesilçam production, judged as commercial and of little value. In 1967 Sinematek started the publication of the monthly Yeni Sinema, a magazine dedicated to independent film industry and international films which came out with 30 issues before it was closed down. In the same year, a group of young revolutionary socialist filmmakers part of Sinematek took the distances from Yeni Sinema and found the movement of young cinema (Genç Sinema Hareketi) with its own magazine, Genç Sinema. The revolutionary film magazine, which published totally 15 issues. Both magazines ceased their publication after the 1971 Military Memorandum along with the ban of many youth and leftist organizations and publications. Yet, the salient features of the 1968 cultural debate in Turkey emerge from the pages of these two film magazines.

Referentin: Lea Nocera is Assistant Professor at the University of Naples L’Orientale where since 2007 she teaches Turkish Language and Literature and subjects related to politics and society of contemporary Turkey. Her research interests on Turkey include: social and cultural history, media and gender studies, urban transformations and social movements. As Turkey expert she regularly collaborates with prominent newspapers and magazines publishing on current affairs. In 2017 she has been TEZ-Fellow.

Publikationen: Her recent books include: The Gülen Media Empire (Arab Media Report/Reset, 2015) as editor; The Turkish touch. Neo-ottoman Hegemony and Turkish Television in the Middle East (Arab Media Report/Reset, 2014; as co-author); #Gezipark. Coordinate di una rivolta (Alegre, 2013), La Turchia contemporanea. Dalla repubblica kemalista al governo dell’Akp (Carocci, 2011), Cercasi mani piccole e abili. La migrazione turca in Germania occidentale (Isis Press, 2012). She also authored several articles in Italian and international academic journals.

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